The process of selecting and ranking applicants is carried out by the Recruitment Committee in accordance with a two-phase process:

Phase 1:

Analysis of each candidate┬┤s CV (taking into account the academic background and the scientific and/or professional experience), motivation letter and references, and further ranking, considering the following parameters and respective weights:

  1. Academic degree and most relevant activities (30%)
  2. Average achieved in previous degrees and additional training (35%)
  3. Adequacy of the training of the candidate (15%)
  4. Motivation demonstrated in Motivation Letter (15%)
  5. Letters of recommendation (5%)

Phase 2: Based on a 5 min presentation by the candidate and a face-to-face interview with at least 3 Members of the Recruitment Committee (via Skype for candidates not currently living in Lisbon). The Recruitment Committee is constituted by two members of the School of Medicine, University of Lisbon, and one member of the institutions R & D Partner of EnviHealth&Co program more directly related to the areas of interest and/or training of the candidate. For the interview may also be invited up to two experts, PhDs or equivalent CV to represent the Partner Companies operating in relevant areas , and an experienced consultant in vocational interview.

Each candidate will be evaluated for the communication┬┤s ability and English language proficiency, motivation, compliance in the programme framework and evidence of aptitude to complete a rigorous training plan, carry on independent work and develop a research project in the broad area of Environmental Health. This evaluation will consider the following parameters and respective weights:

  1. Motivation (30%)
  2. Scientific and cultural maturity (40%)
  3. Adequacy for Work Programme (30%).

Any of the evaluation parameters will be ranked with regards to the conditions in the parameter in question, on a scale of 1 to 5 (worst to best rating, respectively), with an accuracy to the first decimal.

The ratings will be assessed according to the scale:

1.0 to 2.0 - Insufficient or inadequate
2.1 to 3.0 - Sufficient or reasonably appropriate
3.1 to 4.0 - Good or very appropriate
4.1 to 5.0 - Excellent and fully appropriate

The final ranked list will be made on the basis of the classifications obtained in the first and second phase, considering a weighting of 50% for each one. However this list can be reorganized, in order to overcome any marked imbalance in gender. From this final list, the first twelve candidates will be admitted. The remaining candidates may replace, in rank order, anyone who comes to give up.It is worthy to notice that the final ranking may be rearranged for gender balance.