The EnviHealth&Co is a new doctoral programme, entirely devoted to Environmental Health, and the only one in Portugal designed to address the above-mentioned challenging void. The Programme is innovative, at both national and international levels, adopting the modern concept of the Knowledge Triangle that links education, research/innovation and business, and providing a unique initiative of a PhD Programme on Environmental Health to develop in an Industry setting.

The EnviHealth&Co Programme couples knowledge production and knowledge transfer, with an interdisciplinary focus on innovation strategies (not essentially on technology, but also on ideas, goods, and services recognized as new and useful) that result from a creative process. In this process, knowledge is the goal and a skilled workforce the basis, for undertaking research within the bilateral impacts between environment and health. The R&D themes are previously agreed with well-established Companies, to bring innovative developments (products, processes and/or services) to the market and to enhance collaboration with business and industries.

The Keywords behind the EnviHealth&Co Programme are therefore: knowledge, equilibrium, innovation and achievements:

  • Knowledge is obtained in the curricular structure aiming at excellence of teaching/learning;
  • Equilibrium is the key concept behind health and sustainable environments;
  • Innovation, mandatory in solving complex situations, will be a requirement and a teaser for students;
  • Achievements:is the final objective of a PhD Programme based not only on the teaching and research experience of 12 R&D Groups from 4 national Universities and 3 State Laboratories, but also on the opportunities provided by several Companies committed with the creation of critical mass and scientific knowledge to support the technological and/or social development in Environmental Health.

The EnviHealth&Co is a 4-year programme with 2 components: the Modular Advanced Training component (60 ECTS) and the PhD Thesis developed in an Industry setting (180 ECTS). The student centered programme will offer a tailor-made curricular plan that will bring students to a high level of academic competence, emphasizing the skills needed to address Environmental Health issues and critically analyze and synthesize information, preparing them to effectively assume leadership roles as Environmental Health academic, researcher, practitioner, managers, or policy makers, thus maximizing their future employability.