The EnviHealth&Co PhD Programme is a student-centred modular PhD programme for 4 years, divided into 2 components: the Advanced Training component (60 ECTS) and the PhD Thesis development component (180 ECTS).

1.     The Advanced Training component (60 ECTS) is the formative interdisciplinary component that includes theoretical, theoretical-practical, practical and hands-on sessions, e-learning, site visits, journal clubs, student presentations and group discussions, under a flexible structure suitable for the students to tailor their career plan and comprising Mandatory and Optional units as follows:

a)     The Mandatory units (21.5 ECTS), including:

*Seminars in a total of 10 ECTS:

–       The Kick-off Seminar: initial event where the students meet the PhD Thesis Committee, the supervisors and tutors. Besides opening minds and grasp upon the PhD dissertation theme, it fosters integration, team work, student collaborations and a warm environment. The general plan and objectives are explained and students´ doubts addressed.

–       12 Seminars on the core Environmental Health areas (5), on soft skills (3) and on basic skills (5)

* Courses (5) on basic competences (vg, specific basic skills and Thesis proposal preparation), in a total of 11 ECTS

* Annual 1st Year Closure Congress (0.5 ECTS), with foreign institutions and invited participants, where each student presents/discusses the respective PhD Project proposal or work

b)     The Optional units (38.5 ECTS), including:

*Elective Courses and/or disciplines available at the different Host Institutions (HI), according to the updated LISTS based on the most recent information provided by each HI. These elective units will start at first year to support students in their further scientific research.

* Conferences with paper presentation, attended by the students from the second year onwards.

2.     The PhD Thesis development (180 ECTS), corresponding to 3 years of full-time work in the R&D Project conducive to the PhD thesis.